Monday, June 29, 2015

Review:Hippochondriac: Humorous Short Story by Micky Morag

Hippochondriac: Humorous Short Story (It only looks like a children's book... It embodies a unique, quirky sense of humor aimed at an adult audience)Hippochondriac: Humorous Short Story by Micky Morag
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this short & very interesting book with an open mind, and while some of the language and humor is fun, the story began to feel forced. The illustrations were fun, but due to the formatting, they can be challenging to read on certain types of readers (I had trouble on my kindle, but it worked well on my tablet). It is important to note, this is NOT a children's story. It is humorous, There were some clever parts with well written sarcasm - I laughed at parts of the story, but there were also parts that did not hold my interest. The author poked fun at not only individuals who seem to 'catch' any illness they hear about, but he also challenged the culture of fear that many people have about contagious illnesses. Humor is very subjective, and while I did find humor in this story I would only rate this book as Okay.

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